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Godbelow - Painted Images With The Blood Of... (1999-Surface records)
This Sweet Sickness

Still Not Quite Suicide
A shocking specticle prolonged convulsive states that are attributed to synthetic veins, derangement of the senses alleviate the weakness, the whole cycle of expansion and contraction release and tension, the feelings of exhilaration and disturbance of space-time perception, trembling hands, paranoid obsessions, muscular contractions, case to react

One Person Plural
Your conceptions of complete dedication to the discriminations your mind is making, your convictions obscurely leave in your company a desolate decaying landscape your mind is making, all the fears I had run through my head, refusing to work for the privilege of consuming all your crap I didn't really want anyway, never have I seen the sky so dark life has been narrowed down.

Three Seasons
Cloud above consumes the sun it sucks the life right out of you, crawl towards the unsatisfied hunger that has burned out all other concerns, constant hope that just leaves you alone and echoes in the heart of the mind that left long ago, from swollen twisted roots grown under dirty ground the rain burns as it falls, you wanted it you got it three seasons abandoned, staring vauge eyed at seasons that never were meant to be observed, as you see it it is while the seeing lasts it's coming my brother believe it or not though you murder the world turn plains into stone life into I and it's strong searching roots will crack your cave and rain will cleanse it the world will burn sperm build again another dull victim, staring vauge eyed at seasons that never were meant to be observed.

Paint The Images
Eyes weep the unforgiven gaze eyes cover up glistering drear, dry lung whispers the thirst can the truth be twisted enough to say goodbye one last time to change and find one last wish you were here to barely touch or forever hold in a choked cry air of cold indifferences paint the images with the blood of...

L'Enfant Malade
Occurring in the reflecion of obsidian mirrors in varying degres of blankness as obsidian mirrors contracted into a fetal position as though again the world were closing in, if these walls could talk there's one question I'd have to ask where is the love occurring in the reflection of obsidian mirrors, if these doors opened all of the wings would fly above but we're afraid of? as though the world were confusion closing in realize that we are in confusion the world were closing in.

Lockout The Inside
Biding this time a lie is just ticking away, rid this dull existance from standing still dismal others have gone before others will follow, now time is mine to lockout the inside because there are walls that protect me, your sudden hollow was barely visible and you only say words I want to hear.

Enlist The Aid
The pain is experienced every time the heart beats I hate it every time I lay down and close my eyes I try to piece together the cutting off of breath the stopping of the blood sick to think of it you wasted all you waste it since I can't use your abuse you can have it back.

Days Tumbled Days
Seeing it hearing it recognizing my awakening mind something that seemed perfect by design, it is no good or it is good for nothing, touching it smelling it recognizing my awakening mind tasting it always seemed perfect as if by design, explanation planned on a face of intention to humiliate for enjoyment foreshadow uncaptured the echoes of silent laughter unwillingly taught to deal and shown superficial incapable mindframe the life I used to know is healing forever in solitude I entered and I remain a mere image of the beauty that I dreamed, days tumbled days of lost importance towards my dream the impossibility is it filling.

Black Dog's Head

Kill Devil Hills
I swallowed days that leave no trace blaming who I can to feel staring at empatiness taking up space excuses allow comfort to be real breathing your oxygen within a vast parade of forbidden expression is this so familiar old feeling that comes from being misunderstood I couldn't feel a thing for a while but that was good when I smiled say you wish again but it will not happen the crawling isn't adding up.

Down In The Sky, The Rain Came
Sheep amidst the wolves knows no difference when the road darkens, over this ground before, a star fades away from concern a fault line of faith is frozen, over this ground before, days farewell to let life lead where it will where all pain is gone across the threshold that colors the twilight